Are you a tutor?

Similar, but not exactly. I am similar to a tutor in that I work with students one-to-one or in small groups. Often, a student is referred to me when a tutor is unable to make headway with a student. As a trained reading specialist, I utilize numerous techniques of which the typical tutor may be unaware. After evaluating the student, I create a customized plan that may include working with a tutor. Depending on the severity of the learning disability that needs to be overcome will often be the determining factor whether a tutor will be sufficient or whether more specialized techniques (such as the ones I utilize) are required.

How long will it take to bring my student up to grade level?

As you can imagine, there are may variables that affect how quickly your student will be brought up to grade level. How far below grade level is the student? How motivated and disciplined is the student (and the student’s parents) in carrying out the protocol? What learning techniques has the student’s teachers/tutors been using with the student? How frequent will the student’s sessions be (e.g. twice per month or once per day)? Students who are highly motivated and disciplines and/or with parents who hold the student accountable, and meet with me frequently will typically show the most rapid progress.

What does it cost?

For individuals: $40 per 30-minute session
For groups of 3: $30 per student, per 60-minute session

How much does it cost to have my child evaluated?

For a limited time, student evaluations are FREE.

How long does a student evaluation take?

A student evaluation takes one to two hours to complete (not including the time required to write up the assessment and develop the plan).

Are online tutoring sessions available?

Many of the exercises and techniques that I use with students need to be supervised to ensure proper form. This is difficult to do online. In-person sessions at my location are preferable. However, for some things, online sessions may work. If you are interested in online sessions because distance is a factor, please contact me to discuss.

Are you able to help me if I live out-of-state?

Possibly. There are several options that may work depending on a number of variables. If you are available to travel to Milford, DE for a 4-day intensive, we could do training during the summer. The student and the parent can call to set up an appointment. If you are only available for a Saturday, we may need to do it over several months.
Call for availability and pricing.

Why are you able to succeed
(in teaching students to read) where others fail?

Finding a tutor/reading instructor with all of the necessary skills to successfully overcome severe learning challenges can be a challenge. I’m certainly not the only person out there who can teach students with serious learning challenges how to read, but I do have more “tools in my toolbox” than most teachers. Because I’ve worked with so many children with various learning disabilities, I’m able to pinpoint the underlying issues causing the problems.

To be really successful, one needs to have the knowledge to diagnose the problem, develop a plan to address the underlying issues, ensure the plan is followed, and continually reassess. This requires consistency and follow-up. I have the skills needed to do all of the above successfully.

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